Sunday, October 18, 2020

We Found Another Incredible Piece For Our Home


I absolutely love the Marketplace on Facebook. It pulls in items that are local to us. It's like online shopping, but yard sale style. We usually spend a couple of hours on the weekends checking out yard sales, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Marketplace has been our go-to for unique and vintage pieces.

In May, we scored a gorgeous armoire for our second living room. 

Last month, we bought an antique wooden milk crate with 2 milk jars.We have occasionally seen these at yard sales, but the price was a bit high. The listing that caught our attention was over half off the prices we've encountered.

This morning, I checked the Marketplace and spotted the unique piece at the top of this blog column. I showed Lisa. We both fell in love with it. The price was a little steep considering the seller had very little information about it. 

We went about our day.

While dinner was baking in the oven, I checked the Marketplace. The piece was still available. 

Lisa suggested we make an offer.

We did. 

The seller almost immediately accepted.

This gorgeous piece is now displayed in our second living room. 

It is beautiful. 

We love it. 

It completely fits in with all of the decor and pieces we have in our home.

Pieces that have been passed down from generation to generation. 

Unique yard sale finds that we've kept as-is or given a makeover to


Bodacious DIY Dog Mom items we have made.

And, even a few pieces marked FREE on the side of the road.

They all have stories behind them. 

We like it that way.

The house we bought in February is much larger than our old home that we rented for almost 8 years. 

We have a little space for more pieces, but we are reserving those for pieces that catch our attention and will be a Wabi Sabi match. 

Online shopping does not have to be limited to big retailers...

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