Friday, September 11, 2020

When You Get Excited Over Nail Trims...


There was a time when I used to trim our kid's nails. However, a few years ago while trimming Coco's black nails, I snipped his quick. It bled. We couldn't find our container of Kwik Stop Styptic Powder so Lisa rushed to a local pet store to grab some. Between her leaving and getting back, I tried to stop the minor bleeding with baking soda. It worked a bit, but there were still blotches of blood on the towel. 

That traumatized me. Since then, we bring our kids to our (former) local veterinarian hospital for nail trims. We've been going to this hospital since 2012. 

Minus a year when we brought our kids to another veterinarian hospital where an (ex) friend of ours used to work at.

Our kids know and love the staff at our (former) local veterinarian hospital. They treat our kids like their own. Every 1 1/2 - 2 months, we make an appointment for nail trims.

In February, the weekend before we bought a house, all 4 of our kids got their nails trimmed. 

Earlier this year because of COVID-19, they were not offering nail trim services. We panicked. Coco has all black nails. Sophie's nails grow like weeds and slightly resemble elbow macaroni noodles. 

Lobo's and Willa's nails don't grow nearly as fast. 

Lisa called and begged to get an appointment for Coco and Sophie. We don't trust anyone else to trim our kid's nails. We had no interest in finding another veterinarian hospital since moving. Instead of a 5 minute trip down the road, we were now about 15-20 minutes away. That didn't matter.

They made an exception and trimmed Coco's and Sophie's nails. 

Not once, but twice.

And, when Willa and Lobo went in for their annual checkup and vaccinations, they trimmed their nails. 

However, since then, it's been impossible to get an appointment until this week. 

Coco and Sophie had an appointment for nail trims yesterday. 

Willa and Lobo have a nail trim appointment tomorrow.

We are so excited and relieved. 

They are finally offering nail trim appointments regularly. 


It's the little things in life.

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