Thursday, September 10, 2020

Where Oh Where Is Willa


I always know where our kids are day and night. Throughout the day, I always check on them at least twice an hour. They have their favorite napping spots so it only takes me a minute to glance here or there. Once in a blue moon, one of them throws me for a loop. That happened today. 

If I'm not in the Bodacious DIY Dog Mom Workshop and/or home office, I keep the door/s closed because it's easier to cool the house down. We did this at our old home and it worked like a charm. With this year being the hottest Summer on record, it has helped out a lot.

After Lisa left for work, I checked on our kids. They all found their comfy napping spots. I sat down at the dining room table to work on blog columns. 

After almost an hour, I got up to check on our kids. Coco, Sophie, and Lobo were sound asleep. Willa, who had been on the sofa was no longer there. I checked our bedroom. That's her other favorite napping spot. 

Nope. Wasn't there.

I checked both living rooms, the nappy nook, and behind the sofa (an odd spot where Lobo or Willa will occasionally nap). 

She wasn't in any of those nappy spots.

At this point, my Dog Mom heart began to beat a little faster. 

I didn't want to alarm Coco, Sophie, and Lobo who were napping sound so I walked from room to room to room. Calmly. 

As I headed back down the hallway from our bedroom, I noticed the home office door was cracked open. Barely visible unless you really looked at it. 

I opened the door.


There was Willa. On the home office doggy bed. Head propped up on a pillow. Sound asleep. 

She woke up when I peeked in. Looked at me as if to say, "What do you want, Mommy?" Then, she stretched out, put her head back on the pillow, and fell asleep. 

I tiptoed away and kept the door opened.

Willa is a purebred Jack Russell. She's very smart. She knew the door to our home office wasn't shut tight. She wanted to nap on the big doggy bed. By herself. 

So, she did. 

And, that was okay. 

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