Sunday, September 13, 2020

Total. House. Love.


We only have a week to get a lot of stuff done before I begin our Big Bodacious Painting Project. I also want to finish up a few online projects that I've been working on. In addition, Lisa and I need to choose colors and figure out which order the rooms, hallway, and entryway will be painted. 

Today, we managed to get some of the closets cleaned out and organized and to get rid of all the moving boxes we used back in February. Lisa cut up the not so great boxes for the recycle bin. We had about 30 left which someone claimed an hour after I posted them on Facebook. 

We got the closets done fairly early. After the kids had playtime outside,  Lisa decided to mow the lawn. It's the second time in 2 months that she has mowed. It will probably be the last time this year. We have been in a drought since July and last week, we entered the severe drought stage. 

Sadly, there is no rain in the forecast for at least a week.

I stayed inside and baked sugared molasses cookies and breakfast yeast rolls. I spent a lot of time in the home office working on blog columns, editing, and online projects. 

At some point, I made Lisa a sandwich for lunch and brought her another Gatorade. And, at some point while eating, Lisa stopped chewing and blatantly said, "I fucking love our home." Then, she continued eating.

She didn't need to say more. 

I know exactly what she meant. 

That one sentence spoke hundreds of sentences.

Since buying a house and moving back in February, life has been peaceful. Quiet. Not for just Lisa and I, but for our kids too. 

For so many reasons.

Our daily life all the way around has changed for the better. 

We will always be thankful and humble.

We will always have those spontaneous "I fucking love our home" outbursts.

And, we will always give thanks to the Universe for her shimmy shakes and shifts.

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