Sunday, November 13, 2016

Oliver Is Adjusting To His New Home And Family Quite Well

Out of all of our kids, Lobo is the most intrigued by Oliver. He has spent quite a bit of time sitting by Oliver's habitat stand. Sophie's interest is sporadic. If she hears Oliver drinking from the water bottle or roaming around, she'll check in, but not for too long. Coco isn't interested at all. The only time he visits Oliver is when he makes a loud, squeaky noise...which isn't often.

In the two days since Oliver joined our little family, he has settle down quite a bit. He's gotten used to our household noises, his brother's and sister's barking, the vacuum cleaner, and our crazy routine. Oliver has also stopped eating everything all at once at lightening speed. I think Oliver knows he'll be fed regularly and there's no shortage of snacks.

Yesterday, I hand sewed Oliver a makeshift bed out of fleece. Eventually, after I get my new sewing machine, I'd like to make him several blankets, a round bed, and some sort of nook. For now, I put a tiny blanket over a small portion of his cage. He loves this spot and it's where he naps.

Oliver is starting to talk to us now. He's more active. At times, Sophie will join Lobo at Oliver's habitat stand. Sometimes they'll perch themselves up to get a better view. Neither Sophie or Lobo are tall enough to reach the cage.

Lobo's new favorite spot is on the sofa armrest so he can keep watch over Oliver in the home office. Perfect view.

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