Sunday, September 6, 2020

Our Latest Homemade Ice Cream Adventure Is Pumpkin Pie


For most, Labor Day marks the end of the Summer season. It's celebrated with backyard barbecues, soaking in the last of the Summer swims, boating, and...Fall Fairs. Unfortunately due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all of the Fall Fairs in our state and beyond have been canceled. That was a really big deal and people were disappointed. Fall Fairs are a deeply rooted tradition. So is Fair Food.

To ease people's withdrawals from their annual dose of Fair Food, a lot of our local restaurants are stepping up and offering a special Fair Food menu this weekend. There's everything from clam chowder and clam cakes to fried dough and fried Oreo cookies.  

We think that is awesome. 


We decided early last week that we're going to enjoy Fall Fair Foods right here in our Bodacious Kitchen. 


One of the items on our menu was homemade Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream. 

To back up a little bit, we purchased a really great ice cream maker last Summer. I've always wanted one. Lisa and I don't eat a lot of ice cream, but when we wanted some, we had 2 choices. 

The first choice was to find a local place that sold homemade ice cream. That's not a problem around here, however, it's impossible to find during off-season months. 

The second choice was to buy it at the grocery store. Over the years store-bought ice cream has spiraled downward. We started to notice that our favorite high-quality brands were causing upset stomachs. 

That included our kids too because we always gave them a small spoonful each.

I finally mentioned to Lisa that we needed to invest in an ice cream maker. 

As with any new appliance we purchase, I do a lot of research and I shop around for the best deals. 

We never pay full price for anything.

I stumbled across the ice cream maker of my dreams, but it was almost $200. In the days to follow, I kept my eye on it.

One day, it was on sale. We had a nice chunk of Kohl's Cash to use. In addition, I had 2 online coupons that I was able to use and free shipping. That knocked the price down a little over 50%.


Since then, we've had a lot of delicious ice cream adventures.

The latest creation is Pumpkin Pie. 

It came out incredible! 

It was a lot of work and a process that took almost 2 days, but we nailed it. 

I had to make a crustless pumpkin pie on Friday so it could chill overnight. 

We tested the base for the right balance of vanilla and cinnamon. 

Then, we added spoonfuls of the chilled crustless pumpkin pie. 


Add more.


Add more.

Okay, just right.

At that point, we let the ice cream maker do its thing.

We all enjoyed Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream this evening for dessert.

That included our kids. 

No more upset tummies. 

Happy bellies. 

Happy Dog Moms.

Happy babies.

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