Monday, September 7, 2020

Our Kids Wake Up From Nap When They Hear Fresh Produce Being Prepped In Our Bodacious Kitchen


There is a meme that I see quite frequently on my social media streams. It has several pictures of the same dog laying down and lounging in various circumstances like the doorbell ringing, someone breaking into the home, the mail being delivered, etc. The last photo is the dog being awakened and completely alert. The caption for that photo is, "The sound of a cheese wrapper being opened" or "The sound of food falling on the floor."

In Our Bodacious Dog Mom household, this is the scene when we cut up fresh fruits and vegetables. 

No joke.

This afternoon, Lisa and I sliced up fresh watermelon, carrots, canteloupe, and honeydew melon. When we began our slicing and dicing expedition, all of our kids were napping. 


I don't know if it's the smell of fresh-cut produce or the sound of Lisa and I crunching on the fresh produce that wakes our kids up, but...

This was the scene within a few minutes.

We embrace moments like this. Which happens a lot because we eat a lot of fresh and seasonal produce. 

Our kids love it all too. 

It's one big snack-fest.

Happy Dog Moms.

Happy Kids.

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