Tuesday, September 8, 2020

It's Almost Time For...


I was in the kitchen earlier today and a gigantic thought hit me like a wrecking ball. It's almost the middle of September. Next month is October. The month that Lisa and I had set aside to tackle painting projects. Yikes!

Our original plan, back in February, when we closed on our house was to spend a month cleaning and painting. Before we moved in. That meant not moving in until the end of March.


As our closing date neared, we decided that we were going to move the weekend after. 

We had our reasons. 

We signed on a Wednesday. Moved everything on Saturday. Lisa and our landlord did a walkthrough on Sunday. Lisa turned in the keys. 

The following week, Lisa worked. I cleaned and unpacked. My main focus was on the kitchen because our goal was to only rely on takeout for 3 days.

Mission accomplished.

Lisa was on vacation the following week. We unpacked everything. Decorated. 

Due to COVID-19, things got really crazy the week Lisa went back to work. She's an essential employee and was working 12+ hour days.

Amid the pandemic, our focus shifted a bit. Due to her long hours and the restrictions and quarantining as much as possible outside of grocery shopping and picking up other necessities, our plans to paint various rooms was put on hold. 

We agreed that we would tackle indoor projects in October when the weather cooled off and we could take the air conditioners out of the windows and open the windows. 

From that point on, we've been focusing on outdoor projects. We've got a lot of stuff done. Still more to go, but...

This is the point when it hit me today.

It's almost October.

We need to start thinking about colors and indoor renovations.

We're almost there.

We have a lot to do in a relatively short period of time, but I know we can do it. 

And, we're excited.

Because this is our house.

Our. Home. 

We're doing this for us

And, we're going to have fun doing it. 

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