Wednesday, September 9, 2020

I Just Want To Say...Thank You


This photo has been residing in my drafts on this blog site since November of last year. I have attempted to write dozens of blog columns to accommodate this photo with the title being, 'To The Young Adult Who Told Me That I Sit On My Fat Ass All Day...'  With every draft I've written, I've deleted it. Over and over. Month after month. Until today.


Well, just hold on for a few while I back up a bit...

During the last year at our old home, and probably before that point, Lisa and I were at our wit's end with some stuff that was effecting our daily life all the way around. Lisa. Our kids. Myself. 

We started to speak up and out. Nothing changed. Nothing was done about it. Little by little, it only got worse. 

In November of last year, within a week's time, there were occasions when we addressed some issues. It got hot and heavy because the adult offspring of our (ex) friend was allowed to yell and swear at us. 

The first time it happened, Lisa handled it. I was in our home. I heard everything. 

The second time, I addressed an issue. Outside. Our (ex) friend's offspring was once again allowed to yell and swear at us. It was during this time when she said that I sit on my fat ass all day doing nothing. 

Amid this confrontation that escalated quickly because of our (ex) friend's offspring, our (ex) friend mentioned that she couldn't wait until she sold the house in the Spring. She said other things that deeply concerned us, but I am old and wise and mature enough to not mention these.

What I will say is that after the second confrontation, Lisa and I just sat there like...

Wow. Wow. Wow. 

Less than 5 minutes later after we returned home, Lisa said, "We're buying a house after the holidays." Lisa had mentioned buying a house once in a while prior to that, but this time she had a look on her face that meant she was serious. 

It. Was. Going. To. Happen. 

And, it did 3 months later. 

After we moved into our new house in February, I was still disgusted and angry about what had happened and what had been allowed. I still wanted to type that angry blog column. 


I'm not angry anymore. I'm not disgusted. I'm not bitter. Nope. You know what I am? Thankful. Yeah, you read that correctly.

I'm thankful for those 2 obnoxious confrontations for a few reasons.

It gave us clarity. 

It made us realize that nothing was going to change and nothing would be done about what had been happening.

It answered a lot of questions we had over the past year or so.

It made us realize that the Universe had done a lot of shimmy shakes over the past year. We noticed them, we talked about buying a house, but we went about our life.

Apparently, the Universe felt we needed a fire lit under our asses. She wasn't going to give a gentle shimmy shake. She shifted. Twice. Last November. She got our attention. And, she apparently knew the perfect house for us and our family would be available shortly after.

So, to the young adult who told me that I sit on my fat ass all day doing nothing...

Thank you. 

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