Friday, August 28, 2020

Lobo's Little Way Of Reminding Me


Back in July, Lisa got a promotion at work. With that promotion, her hours changed a bit. She goes in later and gets out later. Adjusting to that wasn't a big issue because we bought a house in February and our schedule no longer reloves around anyone. There is no bullshit. No drama. No intentional noises throughout the morning, afternoon, and evening hours. It's beyond quiet and peaceful here. 

However, our most sensitive child, Lobo, likes to remind me that there has been a change. 

And, he wants me to know that he knows.

That has been in the form of Lobo wanting his dinner on the big dining room doggy bed. 

Our kids eat in the kitchen. 

When I'm making their plates, all 4 of our kids sit and wait for me to finish. 

They watch me. 

I put Coco's plate down first.

Then Sophie's.


By the time I put Lob's plate down, he has made his way to the big dining room doggy bed.

That's where he wants to eat. 

With his "Stinky." 

That gray used-to-be-plush-toy beside his plate...


Oh, that face.

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