Thursday, August 27, 2020

It Is Taking A Lot Longer To Paint And Detail Our Bodacious Dragonflies, But That Is Okay...

Originally when we began our Bodacious Dragonfly Project, we planned on putting them all on the back fence in the largest of our 2 backyards. However. I thought about it for a while. With all the time and effort that is going to each of these decorative pieces, I wanted to scatter them around other areas of our property. 

I mentioned it to Lisa and she thought it was a great idea for several reasons...

The first, aside from us and our neighbors, our back fence is not visible to anyone.

The second, with all the work and detailing that is going into each piece, it would add a lot of vibrant charm to our various yards.

The third, they're unique and we have another DIY Dog Mom Project that involves ceiling fans that we want to tackle over the winter. 

It is taking much longer than we anticipated to finish this project, but we're not rushing. We're putting our heart and soul into every piece. 

Once each piece is painted, detailed, and put together, we'll be applying a few layers of weatherproof glaze. 

Our plans as of now are to put them outside in the Spring. 

One of them will be hung on the top front of our garage. 

I'll keep you posted on our progress. 

Stay tuned!

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