Friday, May 29, 2020

We Do Not Need To Belong To A Facebook Group To Spread Light And Love And Sweet Cheer

A little over 2 weeks ago, I joined a group on Facebook. I typically do not join groups. I have my reasons. However, a couple of friends invited me to this particular group. I looked into it. Joined.
This group was similar to dozens of Facebook "ding dong and ditch" groups that popped up and spread like wildfire. The theme was delivering wine and goodies to spread love and cheer during to your neighbors and people you didn't know these dark times brought on by the COVID-19. Silent angels of sorts.

Within 24 hours of joining, Lisa and I discovered a basket of treats at our front door. From a stranger. We were so excited and touched and grateful.

The following day, Lisa and I made and delivered a wine basket to someone who hadn't received one yet and was feeling kind of down because of that. I posted this photo on the group and received almost 200 likes. 

In the days to follow, most of my newsfeed was plastered with photos of baskets other people were going to deliver to others. 

I also noticed that a lot of the people within the group were receiving basket after basket after basket. 

I'm not going to lie. Every time our kids barked at the front door or side door, I checked for a basket. My reason was that it was an unseasonably hot and humid week. If someone delivered a basket with chocolates, I didn't want it to melt. 

Time and time again, when our kids barked at either door and I checked, there was nothing there. This went on for about a week. 

Meanwhile, most of my newsfeed was of baskets being delivered and received.

I've been working online in the marketing field for well over a decade. I recognize many things in different forms whether direct or nonchalant. 

I noticed a lot of things going wrong with this group early on...

1. A pretty penny for strangers? I think not. A lot of people were posting photos of elaborate baskets that included pricey wines and full packs of other alcoholic beverages and high end chocolates and snacks. I knew immediately that these baskets were intended for close friends and family. But, the people who posted these photos did not mention that.

2. Photoless posts. I saw a lot of photoless posts that read, "I'm delivering lots of baskets, but I don't want to include photos because we want to remain anonymous." I want to give people the benefit of the doubt, but...

3. A lot of guilt-ridden posts began appearing. These posts included rants about deaths in the family, financial hardships, and/or being caught off guard about having to help out a family or two. They often ended with, "I will be making baskets to deliver afterward..."

4. The Me Me Me Syndrome. Quite a few people posted photos or posts asking if anyone was interested in a themed basket such as a beach or craft or pet. Most of the people who responded "Me" were people who had already received 2 or 3 or 4 baskets already.

5. Beggers. A lot of people started posting photos accompanied by, "I am delivering baskets today even though I haven't received a basket yet."

Because of that and so much more, I left the group yesterday. It was stressing me out. But more so, it was making me feel like a piece of shit. 

And it reminded me why I don't join Facebook or other social media and beyond groups. 

But, today. We made a basket and delivered it to a really great lady. I did not post this photo on my Facebook wall. Or the wine group. Obviously, because I left that group yesterday.

She's a cool lady with a warped sense of humor like ours.

Lisa delivered it earlier today.

She posted a photo on her personal Facebook wall saying she has really shitty luck and had a shitty week, but this basket made her day. She did not mention or tag us. And, I was so happy about that.

Silent angels.

That's what the Sisterhood Wine group was supposed to be about.

This made our day too.

I hope she knows that.

We will continue to spread light and love and sweet treats.

We don't need to belong to a group to do that.

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