Thursday, May 21, 2020

Paint And Time And Love And Effort Can Make All The Difference

The new house that we purchased in February has a garage. We were excited about that. It was in dire need of a few repairs and a fresh coat of paint. This is the before photo of the right side. Having that arranged before we closed on the house was not a problem. Last month, the contractor arrived. He worked alone on the first day. The following day, his wife assisted him. Great people. We extended our hospitality on both days. We were very pleased with the end result. 

After the garage was finished, we worked on decorating the right side of the garage which faces one of our backyards and our screened-in back porch. We repurposed the wood from the wall shelves we tore down in the bedroom. Lisa used that wood to make birdhouses and a squirrel picnic table in her woodshop. I worked my magic with paint and detailing in the Bodacious DIY Dog Mom Project Workshop.

In the days that followed, we purchased hanging flowers. Lisa weeded the flower bed and the following weekend we covered the entire flower bed with mulch.

It was one of those moments when we took a few steps back and admired our work. I'm sure we were both thinking the same thing...

It's our house.

Our home.

Our yards.

We're doing this for us.

We're not spending money or time on a property that someone else owns.

This is only a small portion of our yards.

We're working on the rest.

One day at a time.

One weekend at a time.

We are proud Bodacious Dog Moms.

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