Friday, April 17, 2020

I Honestly Had To Display My Best Poker Face

Yesterday, the contractors arrived to begin the work on our garage. It needed to be sanded and painted. It's a husband and wife duo. Friendly. Down to earth. The gentleman worked solo yesterday sanding and prepping the garage for painting. We chatted for a bit before he began stripping and sanding the garage.

During the afternoon hours, I asked if he wanted a sandwich. I had just made freshly baked sandwich rolls and we had our usual stock of fresh deli meats and cheeses. He hesitated before extending a grateful, "No thank you."

I kept peeking out the window. I did not notice him eating lunch. While texting with Lisa during her lunch, I mentioned that he probably hesitated when saying no because...I don't know. Maybe it's a guy thing. Maybe it violates the code of conduct for contractors.


I whipped up a batch of homemade chocolate chip cookies.

I filled a bowl with cookies. Still hot and gooey.

Grabbed a cold bottle of water from the fridge.

Brought them outside for him to enjoy.

His face lit up.

He called me darlin'.

He thanked me several times.

Today, both he and his wife showed up early to paint the garage.

Lisa got out of work early so she got to meet them.

They brought snacks and lunch.

One of them asked if they could use our bathroom. Of course, we said yes.

Mid-afternoon, we made a fresh pot of coffee and offered them a cup. They accepted.

I baked another batch of cookies.

This time, reverse chocolate chip. I put over a dozen in a clear party bag with a tag that said, "Thank You."

When the garage was finished, we went outside to chat with them and give them the big bag of freshly baked cookies.

They thanked us over and over and over for our hospitality.

While extending their gratitude, they explained that hospitality is rare.

Most customers refuse the use of their bathroom. They don't offer them lunch or snacks.

He even told us that on a few occasions, when it was hot and humid and their water/drink supply ran dry because of that, customers gave them a hard time when they asked for water. Some even refused.

Wait. What.

I had to keep my best poker face because I was absolutely disgusted at this point. We bid our farewells and thanked them again for a job well done.

Throughout the rest of the day and evening, Lisa could tell something was bothering me. She kept asking me what was wrong.

I could not get what our contractor said out of my head.

What kind of human being denies another human being something as simple as a glass of water when they are thirsty?

For the record, let me explain that I'm not sharing this or writing this blog column for a pat on the back or recognition.

Lisa and I are hospitable people. That's how we were raised.

That includes people who are doing work inside or outside of our house.

Not everyone is like that. That's fine. I get it.


To give another human being a hard time for asking for a glass of water, or downright refusing them, is incomprehensible to us.

What kind of brain malfunction is that?

When a human being is hungry or thirsty. Enough to swallow their pride and ask for food or a glass of water, and you refuse them?

I can't even process that.

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