Thursday, March 26, 2020

I Finally Had One Of My Graceful Moments

If you ask anyone I know, they'll tell you that Grace is not my middle name. Yes, I'm the woman who stumbles going up a flight of stairs and I've been known to trip over air. It's rare if I go a week without stumbling or having some sort of freak accident. 

Up until today, I've been rather fortunate. You'd think with unpacking and moving large objects, I would have sustained a few minor injuries.


The other day I used a power drill without any incidents.

That's a pretty big deal.

Today was a different story.

I wasn't moving anything or using power tools.

I was simply trying to unlock the basement door.

The lock on the basement door is old and not the correct lock.

I shredded the webbing between my thumb and pointer finger.

I took a photo and posted it on Facebook because I know a lot of people who were waiting for it.

I will survive.

As always.

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