Wednesday, March 25, 2020

We Can Finally Call It Ours...

I took this photo last May. We had spent the day doing yardwork and decorating our porch with flowers and buckets of tomato plants. Lisa was clearing out a few leaves from the butterfly bush we planted. We were exhausted, but the porch and front yard looked incredible.

After we showered and ate dinner, we sat on the front porch watching the birds and admiring how beautiful the front porch looked.

Lisa radiated with pride as she always does with each season after she adorned the porch and front yard with seasonal flowers and decorations.

Each year and with each season since 2012, it got better and better and better.

What I remember the most about that moment last Spring is something she said while sipping her iced coffee...

"One of these days, I'll be doing this for our own yard."

I knew exactly what she meant and how she was feeling.

Although we had done all the work and forked out all the money last Spring for the front and side yard and the front porch to look stunning, it wasn't ours.

At the time, neither one of us had any idea that less than a year later, that "one of these days" would become a reality.

That less than a year later, we'd be buying a house.

With lots of yards and gorgeous landscape.

And, a front yard that had a tremendous amount of potential to add on to what already exists.

Since we bought our house in February Lisa and I have sat out on our screened in back porch a lot.

It overlooks our 2 backyards.

We have lots of conversations about the landscape and what we want to add and alter.

We have lots of plans.

It won't happen overnight.

With the COVID-19 pandemic happening right now, the bulk of it probably won't happen until next Spring.

But, that's okay.

Because whatever we do, it's ours.

With each year and with each season, it's going to get better and better and better.

We'll be doing it for us.

We can say our lawn, our gardens, our flowers, etc...

I'll always keep the photo I included with this blog column.

It was the last Spring and Summer of making that lawn and front lawn look beautiful.

Now, it's our time.

To make ours look rather spectacular.

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