Saturday, March 28, 2020

No More Hot Lunches...

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic that is happening now, all non-essential businesses are closed. Restaurants and delis and cafes are no longer allowed to offer dine-in services. Instead, most are offering take-out, delivery, and curbside service. People everywhere are supporting their favorite local establishments by utilizing these options. That includes us.

We are not huge fans of takeout food, however, we have fallen in love with The Deli and Market on Maple Street. It's owned by someone we've known for a while. We've always wanted to try their fresh deli meats, cheeses, and their generous selection of homemade grinders, salads, soups, etc.

From our old home, The Deli and Market on Maple Street was out of the way and about 20 minutes north. I know that's not a considerable distance, but between Lisa's hours at work, our schedule, and the deli's hours, it never worked out.

The house we purchased in February is right down the street from this deli. We were excited with this discovery. We didn't hesitate.

Typically, we don't buy a lot of deli meats or cheeses. Before the whole COVID-19 pandemic, Lisa would bring leftovers from dinner for work lunches the next day. Once in a while, I'd make homemade chicken salad or we'd get a half pound of deli meat for a couple days of sandwiches.

Then, the pandemic happened. 

Lisa is an essential employee. She was, and sometimes still is, working 12 hour days. At times, she'd go to lunch late. Or, lunches were rushed. Having to heat up her lunch took time.

I wanted to eliminate the time she had to wait for her lunch to heat up so she could spend that time exhaling. I wanted Lisa to be able to enjoy her lunch instead of having to eat quickly.

That's when we decided to transition to sandwiches.

Twice a week, I make homemade sandwich rolls.

On Saturday, we stock up on fresh deli meats and cheeses from The Deli and Market on Maple Street.

Each morning, I make Lisa a hearty sandwich for her work lunch.

And, once a week we dine on takeout from our favorite local restaurant that has the best clam casino pizza and fried chicken. 


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