Saturday, January 4, 2020

I Knew This Day Would Come...

For my 40th birthday, a dear friend of mine surprised me with an extremely generous and thoughtful gift. This. A KitchenAid Professional 600 Mixer. When it showed up on our doorstep, I was shocked. It takes quite a bit to render me speechless. I was speechless. That was a little over 6 years ago.

At the time, Bodacious Biscuit Love was in full swing. My dear friend knew all about it and the struggles that went along with having to mix the dough by hand. This mixer was my friend's way of showing his support. It was a lifesaver. 

Today, the mixer died in the middle of making our kids their homemade biscuits.

I was devastated.

Lisa took it apart and several of the parts were either snapped or completely worn out.

My inner child wanted to throw myself down on the floor in a full fledged temper tantrum and yell.


"Why would an expensive kitchen appliance die after only 6 years?!?!?!"

"Why don't they make things like they used to?"

But, I didn't.

My rational adult brain kicked in before I could strum up enough stamina to physically throw a lengthy tantrum.

Truth is, in those 6 years, I probably put about 12 years of wear and tear on my trusty stand mixer. This KitchenAid appliance has mixed thousands of batches of dog biscuit dough alone.

In addition, it has been used to make thousands of cupcakes, cookies, cakes, bread loaves, gallons of buttercream frosting, etc.

I have used it almost every day since it was gifted to me.

I'm sad and frustrated, but not surprised that it died.

Lisa finished mixing the dough by hand so we could stock our freezer with dog biscuits and peanut butter chicken meatball treats for our kids.

She told me to shop around for a new mixer.

I told her that I would do a little research first to see if we could possibly fix this KitchenAid Mixer or have someone else fix it.

Lisa knows I was sitting and pouting in denial aisle so she replied with a gentle, "Okay...."

I knew I was being stubborn too.

We. Shall. See.

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