Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Our Halloween Party Has Become A Tradition. So, It Is Going To Happen!

About a month ago, I published a blog column announcing that we were not hosting our annual Halloween Party this year. You can read about that here.  After 6 years of hosting a Halloween Party, we simply needed a break. I felt a little guilty about our decision, but I was okay with it. But then, my perspective on the entire thing changed.

Yes, it's a lot of work to prepare for it.

Yes, there have been a few things over the years during the party that has irritated the shit out of me.

Yes, we usually have a mess to clean afterward including a ton of dishes.

Yes, Lisa works on Halloween and the day after.

Lisa did get November 1st off last year.


Shortly after publishing the blog column announcing that we would not be having our annual Halloween Party, I started feeling sad about our decision.

It wasn't the guilty kind of sad that surfaces from worrying about what other people would think.

It was genuine sadness.

I thought long and hard as to why I was feeling sad.

That's when my perspective shifted.

Our Halloween Party is fun and people look forward to it.

More so, it has become a tradition.

Every year for the past 6 years, people know there will be my cauldron of corn chowder on the stove, homemade bread, harvest stew, and desserts to enjoy for dinner.

There is a sense of warmth and unity as we open our doors and people gather at the table or in the living room or outside to eat and socialize.

Halloween evening is chilly and it feels good to offer hot chowder and stew to warm people up.

I finally talked to Lisa about it.

We ended up having a long conversation. She completely understood the tradition aspect of it.

On the flip side, Lisa made it clear that we'd be making some changes this year because she wanted me to be able to relax and enjoy myself.

The first change is that we're using disposable tableware and eating utensils. Instead of bowls, we're buying big paper cups for people to put their chowder or stew in. That way, they're not confined to just eating at the table. We'll be using paper plates and plastic spoons and knives too.

The second change is that everything will be self serve. In the past, I've waited on most everyone hand and foot. I've served the chowder and soup. That's not happening this year. Everyone who attends is quite capable of getting their own food.

The third change is we are leaving the recycle trash can in front of one of the lower kitchen cupboards so people can throw away their cups and plates and plastic utensils. In the past, I've lost count how many times people have left their dirty bowls and glasses and eating utensils on the table for us to pick up.

The last change is we are leaving wet washcloths on the counter and table. We're hoping that if people get chowder or stew on the counter, table, or floor, they'll wipe up their mess so we're not scraping it off any of those surfaces at the end of the night.

We don't think that is too much to ask.

Oh, and Lisa reminded me that our kids would have to reside in the bedroom for a few hours even if we didn't have the party. Our little Houdini, Willa, knows how to open the gate that separates the kitchen from the living room. 

We are both looking forward to our annual Halloween Party.

It will be our 7th year.

And this year, Lisa is taking Halloween and the day after off.

Hopefully, the weather will be gorgeous.

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