Friday, August 2, 2019

The Honey-Do List Just Got A Bit Longer For The Weekend

Back in May of 2018, Lisa took a vacation week from work so we could tackle our Big Bodacious Painting Project. That entailed clearing one room out at a time, painting, letting the walls dry, redecorating a bit, putting everything back into the room, repeat process. We moved our bedroom to the middle room which was the former Bodacious Biscuit Love Room. Our old bedroom became the Bodacious DIY Dog Mom Project Workshop.

To say the very least, it was a lot of work. We didn't have any help. On top of that, and our biggest priority was our kids. They don't like change or when we move things around. And, they have a schedule.

When we moved things out of one room, we were very attentive of their demeanor and very attentive. In addition, most of the time when I was on the floor working on the trim, the kids stayed close. Coco and Sophie wanted to curl up between my legs. Willa brought me all of her fetch balls. Lobo barked at her.

It took 2 weeks to get everything done.

At the time, I did most of my online work in our home office. The changes we made in that room during the Big Bodacious Painting Project were phenomenal. You can read about that here.

If you want the condensed version...

Here is the "before" photo...

Here is the "after" photo...

What made the changes so great was that I not only had a window beside my desk, I also had a window to look out of in front of me.

It was great. 

But then...

I had this big notion that working from the kitchen table, the central location in our home, was a better idea. Little did I know at the time that Lisa was buying me a new laptop for my birthday.

In a nutshell...

Since the end of November, I have been working from our kitchen table. We even went so far as to move my desk against the wall, retire my old laptop, and move the DIY Indoor Dog House and another DIY Dog Bed to the Bodacious DIY Dog Mom Project Workshop.

There are a total of 4 dog lounge areas for the kids in the workshop.

That worked out fabulously for a few months.


Our home office has been unused for well over 6 months.

Our kitchen table is cluttered with notes, pens, my laptop, my Chrome Book, etc.

It resembles what my work desk used to look like.

I hate it.

It's driving me nuts.

On top of that, I adore working in a centralized location, but...

It's not always quiet especially after Lisa gets home from work, on the weekends, and numerous other times throughout the day and evening.

At times, it's very noisy. Having a conversation or meeting at the kitchen table is 'bout near impossible most of the time.

Over the past few days, I flirted with the idea of partially throwing in the white flag. What that translates to is that in addition to making a few minor changes in the Bodacious DIY Dog Mom Project Workshop, I'll also be utilizing the home office again.

The desk will be moved back to where it was when we renovated last May.

A couple of the DIY Dog Beds will be moved into our home office so the kids have a comfy place to relax and nap.

And, the Honey-Do list just got a bit longer for this weekend.

Shhh...Lisa doesn't know about that yet.

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