Friday, June 1, 2018

I No Longer Dread Spending Large Quantities Of Time In Our Home Office

We have rearranged our home office at least a half dozen times since we moved here in July of 2012. My desk has been up against several walls, facing out towards the living room and kitty-cornered. At one time, we switched our bedroom with the home office. A year later, we switched it back. A couple of years after that, we added a rocking love seat so our home office was more of a combination second living room, home office. Earlier this year, we got rid of the love seat.

When we planned out Our Big Bodacious Painting Project, a fraction of that planning involved how we were going to redesign each room. That included furniture, wall decor, bookshelves, doggy beds, etc. Our main focus was the home office.

With some of the changes I'm making effective today, I'll be spending more time in here. I certainly didn't want to be facing a wall. I liked having my desk facing outward into the living room, but what I really craved was being able to look outside.

Where my desk was at the time, I had a window towards the front side of my desk on the right. Even with the curtain and blind opened, I didn't have a view.

Lisa suggested I put my desk where we had originally put it the day we moved in. I thought about it for a minute or three.

"You're brilliant!"

The day we moved in, I had to work. The office space in our old place was the last room we loaded into the U-Haul truck.

It was hazy, hot, and humid. A miserable day to move.

Between point A and point B, we stopped for iced coffees and pizza both of which we enjoyed in the U-Haul truck.

We pulled up to our new home and my desk and chair were the first items to be unloaded. We put the desk on the right side of the room. I was facing the front window. The other window was on the right side of my desk.

I loved the location. I remember commenting several times on how nice it was to be able to look out 2 windows. It made the home office feel more open and sitting at my desk wasn't so confining.

This is what our home office looked like before Our Big Bodacious Painting Project. Again, my desk was facing the living room. You can see the window that provided no view. The other window was behind my desk.

Here is our home office now. I have a window beside of my desk and in the front. I can't even begin to tell you how much I'm loving this. I have a great view of half our bird feeders and some of our porch flowers. I'm even able to see hummingbirds feeding off the flowers and one of our hummingbird feeders.

And, I have a clear view of our birdhouse where baby birds have just hatched.

The view from the window on the right side of my desk isn't nearly as exciting, but it opens up the area where my desk is.

Our home office is now a room that I don't dread spending large quantities of time in. I'm always amazed at the transformation. All it took was some paint, time, effort, and patience.

This is one of the many reasons why I love re-purposing items, creating DIY Dog Mom Projects and utilizing what we already have. The only thing that was purchased to transform the home office was paint. Between that and some creative ingenuity, we have a whole new room!

I'm a happy Work at Home Dog Mom...

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