Thursday, August 15, 2019

Our Kids Were A Little Out Of Sorts This Morning Because They Are Sensitive To Change

Lisa is still sick, but she went back to work today. Our alarm went off at 4 a.m. At 4:15, our usual weekday morning routine resumed. Lisa took the kids out and fed them breakfast. I made Lisa's lunch and breakfast. The kids were a little confused because Lisa got out of work early on Tuesday and took a sick day yesterday. When Lisa takes sick days or vacation days, we are on a "weekend" schedule. After Lisa left for work, the kids sat there looking at me as if to say, "Where is our other Mommy going? We thought this was the weekend. What is going on, Mommy?"

Our kids are very sensitive to changes in their routine.

This was amplified shortly after Lisa left for work. On many levels. 

For starters...

Willa has a comical habit of noticing anything on the floor that wasn't there the day before. It could be something we moved or a box that needs to be broken down and put in our recycle bin.

The other day, we noticed some disgusting stuff happening in our coffee maker despite frequent cleaning. 

I've seen many posts about the mold and slime and whatever else that lurks in those popular Keurig coffee machines. My gag reflex swells up to epic proportions when I see those posts on my social media streams.

This is why we have not purchased a Keurig or any other pricey caffeine spewing apparatuses. 

I was stupid to think we could dodge any and all nastiness when we opted for an old fashioned coffee maker. You know. The ones that require a filter and pouring water in when you want to make a pot of coffee.


We shopped online for alternatives. While shopping, we both reminisced about the electric coffee percolators that our grandparents had. We remembered the sound and the smell and watching the coffee in the clear dome on top of the lid.

Long story short, we are now the proud owners of a Cuisinart Electric Coffee Percolator. 

We used it for the first time this morning. The kids were not used to the sound. Willa kept looking up at the counter with her head tilted. Lobo barked. Coco and Sophie didn't care.

Lisa left the box on the floor by our back door. 

For about an hour, Willa walked slowly up to the box, touched it with her nose, and jumped back. 

Total. Early. Morning. Entertainment.


Lobo was convinced that Lisa was in the bathroom. He sat by the bathroom door sniffing the bottom of the door. I kept telling him that Mommy was at work. He did not believe me. 

Sophie curled up on the kitchen dog bed. In the center. Usually, Willa and Lobo join her, but Willa was too busy with the coffee percolator box and Lobo was at the bathroom door.

Coco sat on the sofa. On Lisa's side. Waiting for her.

Later on...

All 4 kids were pissed at me because I put the gate on the Bodacious DIY Dog Mom Project Workshop entryway. It's still under construction. We never gate that room, but for today, I had to until I am in there finishing things up. 

Which, I will get to after I'm done typing this blog column. 

Things will resume back to our "normal" this afternoon. 

My goal for today is to get the Bodacious DIY Dog Mom Project Workshop and our kitchen done.

With lots of breaks. On the floor. With our kids. Playing and snuggling and a few extra snacks. 

This is how we roll.

We've got this.

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