Friday, August 16, 2019

It Kind Of Sucks When Both Dog Moms Are Down With The Sickness But, We've Got This

I'm moving a bit slow this morning. I didn't sleep well last night. I moved a few pieces of heavy furniture yesterday. I finished organizing and making the Bodacious DIY Dog Mom Project Workshop more efficient. That was no easy feat because our kids were a bit out of sorts. I completed some housework. Made dinner. And, because Lisa has been down with the sickness for almost a week, there is a good possibility that she passed it onto me.

Both of my sinuses hurt and I have a sore throat. I feel like someone pounded me in the face with a shovel. A little congestion. A few aches and the chills on and off.

I'm doing my best to white knuckle the whole "mind over matter" theory today. It's only allergies, right? After all, I Fall cleaned the workshop. I dusted and vacuumed a lot of dusty areas after moving furniture.

I sat on the porch yesterday afternoon and sneezed over 9 times. Our neighbor friend said "bless you" after the third sneeze. After six sneezes, she yelled, "Knock it off!!"

I giggled. 


Please let it be allergies.

But, I've been down this road before. For the past almost 3-years, when Lisa gets sick, I get sick anywhere between 4-7 days after.

When I start feeling the onset of catching whatever plague she has, I convince myself it's only allergies. After a day or so, nope. Not allergies.

Today, I feel worse.

I am doped up on DayQuil, my allergy medicine, and Ibuprofin.

Lisa is still sick.

I just learned that Lisa might be working 12+ hours today and may have to work tomorrow.

After hearing that news, I took another dose of cold medicine and Ibuprofin.


I know that anything Lisa planned on doing to help me out today and tomorrow won't be happening.

It's not her fault. I could hear it in her voice that she felt really bad. As much as I want to take care of Lisa when she's sick, she wants to do the same for me. And, she always does one way or the other.

Our jobs are different. Almost like night and day.

This is our life.

Things don't always go as planned.

This is one of the many reasons why I hate it when people say, "Marriage is 50/50. You meet each other halfway."

No, it's not.

Marriage is about working together.

Ditch the whole 50/50 notion.

I could very easily get pissed and tell Lisa, "Well, you got almost 2 days of sick time where you rested on the sofa and got waited on hand and foot. Why don't I get that when I'm sick?"

But, I don't.

It's not her fault that she's still sick and has to work long hours and possibly work on Saturday. She's a hard worker. One of the hardest workers I know.

Lisa goes above and beyond. It doesn't matter how tired or sick she is. The kids and I never go without whether it's extra playtime for them or bottles of diet ginger ale for me.

So, regardless of how sick I am, I will make damn sure that when she gets home today, everything is done. The kids will be happy because of lots of playtimes and snuggle time. Their bellies will be full of yummy, homemade treats and meals.

And lots of snuggles and love because they know when their Mommies are sick.

Housework will be done. Fall cleaning in the kitchen will be done. Homemade dog treats will be made. Our kids will be tuckered out from playtime. Meals will be made and served.

By some chance, if what I have are not allergies and I get sick, I know that Lisa will keep me stocked with tissues and DayQuil. She'll make sure I keep hydrated and nourished.

Lisa will not care if I spend a day or two on the sofa with the kids watching Chick Flicks and napping. She will do dishes, vacuum, and finish laundry without complaining.

She will be more than happy to pick up my favorite Wonton Soup.

I swear that shit has healing powers.

That's how we roll in our Bodacious Dog Mom Home.


This is the messy stuff that people don't see.

Being sick at the same time really sucks especially when it is a busy time at Lisa's work. The late hours. Possibly having to work on a Saturday.

This isn't the first time it has happened. It won't be the last.

And again, I'm not complaining. This is our life. We love it. No regrets. At times, it gets hard. I'm not going to lie, Lisa and I get pissy with each other, but at the end of the day, we do not go to bed angry.

We both take care of each other, our kids, our home, and whatever else needs to be done. In sickness and in health.

We will continue to do just that.

With that being said...

I need to make homemade dog treats and dinner and a really great peach pie and peach preserves because I have over a dozen fresh peaches sitting on the kitchen counter.

I have more housework to do.

And Fall cleaning.

I've got this.

We've got this.

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