Saturday, July 13, 2019

I Learned And Was Reminded Of 20 Things Today

I wanted to sit and write and publish most every detail about today. If I did that, this would be a very, very, very long blog column. One that I would have to break up into several parts. After a big glass of iced water, a few Ibuprofen, and a handful of pretzels, I decided to take a different approach.

Here are 20 things that I learned or was reminded of today...

1. Some things are beyond my control. That's okay. Life happens.

2. Unless otherwise specified, it's okay to "come as you are." Wear what's comfortable. Be you. 

3. You don't need to spend a ton of money to look beautiful. I cut off 6 inches of my hair earlier in the week. I gave myself a DIY manicure and pedicure. I bought my outfit on clearance and made alterations myself. Total cost was under $15 for everything.

4. Walk into the room with confidence. I used to walk into a crowded room with my head held to the ground. Now, I walk in with my head held high. Is that an age thing? 

5. Smile and say thank you when someone compliments you. I got a lot of compliments from some very dear friends. I smiled and thanked them graciously. 

6. Get up and dance. It doesn't matter how many people are in the room or who is watching. Dance. Especially when someone in a wheelchair wants to have that special dance with you.

7. Sit with your tribe. Our little tribe wasn't that popular and we were not introduced to most of the crowd. But, our pride radiated. We had so much tribal fun.

8. Exit with grace. Hugs. Kisses. Thank yous. Smiles. 

9. Exhale slowly. It works.

10. Pour yourself a stiff drink. Combined with ibuprofen, it helps after being on your feet taking photos and dancing. And, prepping for the next adventure.

11. Say yes. When a kid wants to play in the water, do it. It doesn't matter if exhaustion or chronic pain has set in. Get in the water. You won't regret it. 

12. Make that batch of garlic bread popcorn. It's simple and delicious and I'm always asked for the recipe. 

13. Relax. It's okay. The sky isn't going to crumble.

14. Have another drink. Self-explanatory.

15. Look at the moon and the stars. Or, the funky questionable drones.

16. Make a few Summer plans. Summer is too short. Make plans for more backyard fires, S'mores, hanging with your tribe, and unconventional dinners.

17. Bring flowers. Whether it's a gorgeous bouquet made from several centerpieces or one you purchased from a florist, surprise someone with flowers.

18. Let your hair down. Literally.

19. Be in the moment. Not everything has to be captured whether it's videos or selfies. Not everything needs to be broadcasted on social media streams. Just be.

20. Spontaneity rocks. It really does.

I raise my glass of iced water to today. That special dance. Our tribe. The weirdness. The spontaneity. Water goggles. Water guns. Margaritas. S'mores. And, so much more.

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