Sunday, July 14, 2019

Another Dog Mom Weekend Of Working Hard And Playing Hard

Yesterday, we played. Hard. We got up early. Lisa ran a few errands while I worked on a few things in the workshop and at my desk. We attended a big event from 2 until almost 6. Then, we came home, prepped a couple of appetizers, and ventured across the street to our next gathering. It was a phenomenal day all the way around. I learned and was reminded of a lot. You can read about that here

Today, we had a lot to catch up on. 

When I woke up this morning, I could barely move. Yesterday I danced and was on my feet and swam and hustled and bustled in the kitchen.

Lisa was feeling it too.

Our kids were giving us attitudes because we were gone for two "few hour increments" instead of just one. 

It didn't matter that we didn't leave until almost 2 p.m. yesterday and got home around 5:30 p.m. 

It didn't matter that we were home for almost 2 hours and gave them snacks and their dinner and lots of love and attention before venturing across the street for a few hours.

Mind you, I came home to change out of my pool clothes and to check and spend time with our kids before heading back over for a bit.

So, in addition to sore muscles and walking hunchback, our kids gave attitude this morning.

I had to lay on the bed and have a talk with them and promise that we would not be leaving home today. 

Meanwhile, Lisa was intervening...

"It's okay that Mom leaves for a few hours to have some fun."

"Our adventures yesterday included plenty of time for snacks and snuggles and playtime and outdoor time."

"Don't be giving your Mom shit because she had fun yesterday."

"No guilt trips, kids. One or both of us is always home with you. It's okay that we go out for a bit to have fun."

I was snuggling with our kids and giggling. 

After a light breakfast and some Ibuprofen, Lisa and I tackled our To-Do lists. 

I got the housework done and some work stuff done and finished some projects in the Bodacious DIY Dog Mom Project Workshop.

Lisa did a few indoor things and then tackled yard work and mowing the lawns. 

Originally, Lisa was going to fire up the grill for some scrumptious fare. 


We're amid a heatwave. 

I made homemade ham salad.

I heated up the leftover pizza from Friday for myself.

The marinated steaks will be grilled tomorrow.


It was a busy weekend, but it was so great.

A total mix of working hard and playing hard and spending lots of time with our kids. 

It's all about balance. 

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