Wednesday, July 31, 2019

How Many Sighs Am I Allowed In A Single Day?

Over a decade ago when I started working for an online deal and coupon site, I learned quickly that the cost of shipping could make or break a deal. As a content coordinator, I would often go through a partial checkout just to find out the cost of shipping. Because. At the end of the day, if a pair of shoes was 90% off, the deal sort of fizzled out if you had to pay $9 for shipping. That's why the job was challenging. You had to find great deals that offered discounted shipping or free shipping. Or coupons that you could stack for percentages off and free shipping.

Fast forward to many years later...

I find myself in the same predicament.

When pieces are created in the woodshop and the Bodacious DIY Dog Mom Workshop, we base our 'Up For Grab' prices on several factors...

What we paid for the original piece if it's a makeover or repurposed piece.

Whether the wood and other materials were given to us for free or if we had to purchase it.

The cost of paint, varnish, and other supplies.

The cost of shipping materials and the potential cost of shipping.

Our biggest culprit is the cost of shipping.

Just recently, we shipped out a piece and charged $5 for shipping. The actual cost of shipping was over $8 

A couple of days later, someone reached out to us about having 2 custom pieces made.

We did not have the wood available to complete these pieces.

In other words, we had to buy wood.

We priced wood and materials.

I sent a message with a price that included shipping.

That included a little discount.

Typically, we do not ship pieces the size they requested. Especially 2 of the same sized pieces.


Out of the kindness of our hearts, we were willing to do it.

We spent over 2 hours of our time pricing materials and such and how to make these 2 pieces beautiful and identical to what they wanted.


The recipient wanted special hardware for the 2 pieces.

The hardware pieces they wanted are expensive. I gave an alternative to keep the cost of their 2 pieces down to the price I quoted.


I let them know that if they wanted the special clips, the price would increase.

Their reply was, "I think I will hold off for now..."



That's fine.

I honestly get it.

But, at the same time...

Please don't be bragging on social media streams about how much you've spent recently on frivolous shit.

In my world...

We took the time to price wood and materials for you.

We took the time to figure out a way to make what you wanted with supplies that were affordable and gorgeous.

Our time.

And, we gave you a discount on top of that.

That included a portion of the shipping costs that would have come out of our pockets.


More trials and tribulations.

And growing pains.

How many "sighs" am I allowed in a single day?

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