Tuesday, July 30, 2019

The Cookie Bowl Made Its Way Back To Me...

I have posted this photo on my personal Facebook wall and this blog a couple of times. It's me. About 4 years old. I was at the kitchen table. Making the same homemade chocolate chip cookies I make to this day. Stirring the batter in the Cookie (aka Chickie) Bowl. That bowl was in the cupboard and used for years and years and years to make cookies.

Over the past year, during a conversation with my Mom, the topic of the Cookie Bowl came up. She thought I had it. Nope. I thought she had it. Not sure. I told her how much the Cookie Bowl meant to me.

Yesterday, a box was delivered on our porch. From my Mom. I waited until Lisa got home from work to open it. It was filled with treats and treasures for our Anniversary. Lisa pulled the items out one by one. We read the card.


Lisa pulled out the last item.

I 'bout near fell off the chair.

It was the Cookie Bowl.

I yelled, "The Chickie Bowl!!!"

Lisa had a big smile on her face. I've told her all about the Cookie Bowl. She knew exactly what it was.

I hugged the bowl for at least 5 minutes.

It takes a lot to render me speechless.

I was speechless.

I got a little choked up.

Making and baking those homemade chocolate chip cookies was such a special thing between my Mom and me. We made those homemade chocolate chip cookies for every family gathering and for friends.

They were a favorite. And, they still are.

Thank you, Mom.

The Cookie Bowl has a special display spot in our kitchen.

My passion for baking began with this bowl.

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