Sunday, February 17, 2019

Here Are 8 Reasons Why We Embrace Staycations And Workcations

Most everyone knows that Lisa is on vacation this coming week. Since last week, we've been pounded with the usual questions...

"What are you doing on vacation?"

"Do you have anything fun planned for vacation?"

"Are you going anywhere for vacation?"

"What are your plans for vacation?"

The list goes on. And on. And on.

Our answers for all of the questions are simple...

We have no plans. We are not going anywhere. It's a combination of a Staycation and Workcation for us.

We are okay with that because...

1. From earlier today through next Sunday, we're pet and house sitting for a dear friend of ours with 4 furry kids. Yep, 2 pups and 2 kitties. When we pet and house sit for our neighbor friends, we don't go far. The well being of our fur-nieces and fur-nephew is a priority. We take that seriously.

2. We do not board our kids and we would never leave our home together for more than a few hours. That is a decision we made years ago especially when our family got bigger. We have made a lot of compromises. That is our personal decision. We have no regrets.

3. Staycations give Lisa a chance to be the moment. Lisa works outside of the home Monday through Friday. She leaves the house at 5:30 a.m. Most days, she doesn't get home until after 4 p.m. When she gets home from work, we both dive into our evening routine. That leaves very little, if any, for her to be in the moment while home.

4. The weekends are busy too. Lisa spends a lot of time on the weekends catching up on small projects around the home, spending time with our kids, and most everything between. Two days isn't much time. During Staycations, Lisa is able to do things at her own pace and be in the moment and be involved in daily routines.

5. Time spent in her woodshop. Lisa is exceptionally talented. She enjoys working in the woodshop and building pieces for us to sell. During the week, there is no time for her to do that. On the weekends, there isn't much time. When she's on vacation, she gets to spend as much time as she wants in her woodshop. She loves it.

6. Experiencing what Work at Home Dog Mom life is like. I do not get vacations or days off. When Lisa is on vacation, she is involved in the day to day tasks that I tackle every single day whether it's housework or grinding boneless chicken breasts in our new Cuisinart Electric Meat Grinder for meals and Bodacious Magic Meatballs.

7. More Us and Family Time. When Lisa is on vacation, we prepare meals together. We eat at the kitchen table and enjoy lots of extra game time while eating. Yahtzee. SkipBo. Cribbage. Etc. We go to bed a little bit later. That leaves a lot of extra time for family snuggle time on the sofa with our kids while enjoying some of our favorite shows on Netflix.

8. The road travels both ways. Yep. I've written about this more times than I care to admit so that's all I'm going to say about that.

We are both looking forward to Lisa having this week off.

For so many reasons.

It will be a Staycation.

A Workcation.

I'm sure the Universe will do a few shimmy shakes.

We will live. Learn. Become wiser by the end of the week.

We are ready to embrace all.

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