Monday, February 18, 2019

Willa. Just. Knew.

When we make nail trim appointments for our kids, we do 2 at a time. Sophie and Lobo one day. Coco and Willa the next. Today, Sophie and Lobo went for their pawi-cures.

During the 25 minutes that Lisa, Sophie, and Lobo were gone, Willa was at the door. Whining. Making her cute, little baby dinosaur noises. She knew her sister and brother were in the vehicle when Lisa left.

I got on the floor and tried to explain things to her. But. She knew Lisa had taken both of them away. In our vehicle. She had no idea why.

Moments like this tug at my heartstrings as a Dog Mom. All 4 of our furry kids have a deep bond. They know the difference between trips outdoors and car rides to the doctor's office for nail trims, wellness checks, vaccinations, etc.

Our kids amaze us every single day.

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