Saturday, February 16, 2019

My Saturday Afternoon Bliss...

Today, to kick off Lisa's vacation, I booted her to the curb. As the sofa. With our furry kids. To relax. Exhale. Yes, I had to raise my voice and put my hands on my hips for her to comply, but eventually she did.

I made and served her lunch and snacks. Our kids were given their vitamins and the first round of afternoon snacks.

They all napped sound. While they were napping, I tackled some work stuff. Housework. Prepped homemade deliciousness for dinner tonight that we'll be sharing with some of our favorite humans. 

Total. Saturday. Bliss. 

To those who want to criticize the term "served," get over it. I take pride in the scrumptious and healthy  homemade meals and snacks that I serve Lisa and our kids.  

For now, I'm going to enjoy this quiet time. 

My. Saturday. Afternoon. Bliss. 


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