Friday, January 11, 2019

We Need To Be Super Creative This Year When Making Gotcha Day Gifts For Our Kids

I usually have my wall calendar made out before the new year begins. Up until today, the new 2019 calendar was sitting on my desk. Blank. The 2018 calendar was still hanging. Yep. I completely slacked with that task.

As I filled out the new calendar earlier today, I realized that Lobo's 4 Year Gotcha Day is coming up on January 23rd.

Last year, for his Gotcha Day, Lisa built an indoor dog house. After it was built, she carried it upstairs so I could work my magic.

I painted it. Made some d├ęcor for the inside and outside. Sewed a DIY dog mattress, quilt, and pillow.

It came out gorgeous! 

Lisa put the finished DIY indoor dog house in our home office. It's still there. All of the kids love it and use it.

I remember telling Lisa, "Next year, it's going to be 'bout near impossible to top this Gotcha Day Gift."

Well, we're at that point.

To celebrate any of our kid's Gotcha Days, we make them a special gift and they get to pick out what they want for dinner. I also make them a special dessert.

Yes, we ask them what they want. 

Over the past couple of years, our kids have wanted DIY dog beds or, in Lobo's case, an indoor dog house. We've always made what they wanted.

However, we're at the point where we are almost out of floor space for DIY dog beds or indoor dog houses.

And we certainly don't need more throw blankets or quilts.


Lisa and I need to get super creative.

What will we offer and make our kids this year for their Gotcha Day celebrations?

Stay tuned...

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