Sunday, November 4, 2018

Take A Break. Relax. Exhale. Reflect.

It was another busy day for both of us. While Lisa tended to leaf maintenance and yard work, I baked homemade treats for our kids, made homemade snacks for Lisa's lunch, and whipped up a pumpkin bread to go with her coffee in the morning. Between bake times, I worked on blog columns at the kitchen table and our 2018 Bodacious Holiday DIY Dog Mom Projects.


Amid all of this, our kids enjoyed lots of extra play and snuggle time. They love it when both of their Mamas are home.

During the late afternoon, between when Lisa was done with yard work and heading to her woodshop, we sat on the front porch for a bit.

We reflected on the week that had passed.

Not once did we speak of the weeks ahead which is our busiest time of year.

We sat there and spoke of what happened or didn't happen over the past week.

The trials and tribulations.

The moments and situations that continue to add to the changes we're making in 2019.

The operative word is changes.

A blog post about that will be coming soon.

Until then...

Inhale slowly.

Exhale even slower.

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