Saturday, November 3, 2018

An Unexpected Gift Made Our Day A Lot Easier...And Tastier.

This morning, Lisa and I both got up early. Work. Work. Work. Over the past week, we've been planning out our DIY Dog Mom Projects for the 2018 Bodacious Holiday Season. Lisa had a list of items she needed to cut and sand in her woodshop so I could work my magic in the Bodacious DIY Dog Mom Project Workshop. Lisa got most of the work done today because of the bad weather. Tomorrow, Lisa will be outdoors most of the day tending to leaf maintenance and yard work.

While Lisa was out running a couple of errands, she got a text from one of our neighbor friends. She wanted to stop by for a minute. Lisa told her that she'd send a text after she got home.

About 20 minutes after Lisa arrived home, our neighbor friend showed up with THIS. A homemade chicken pot pie hot out of the oven. It smelled amazing.

I honestly didn't know what to say. 

We were beyond grateful.

Up until that moment, I had not even thought about what I was going to make for dinner because we had been so busy.

After our neighbor friend and her son left, we continued our work day.

We didn't stop until 5-ish.

I popped the homemade chicken pot pie in the oven.

That's what we had for dinner.

It was fantastic!

We ate dinner with gusto.

And, we gave thanks for this blessing.

Much needed and appreciated.

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