Thursday, September 13, 2018

This Pet Bed Was Perfect For Our Plus-Sized Kitty Fur-Nieces

One of our neighborhood family members has a barn filled with goodies. Over the past several years, he's been downsizing and selling a lot at flea markets, yard sales, and online. Several times a month, he fills his truck with treasures and leaves the following morning to sell his goods. He always lets us know when he's bringing a truckload home. Lisa rummages through it for unique pieces to repurpose. Sometimes, he'll save a piece or 2 out because he knows we'll adore it. Some pieces we'll repurpose and sell. Others we keep.

Last week, he did just that.

He gave us a mini whiskey barrel cut in half with a round piece of wood. I honestly had no idea what to do with this piece. Although charming, I knew that whatever we repurposed this item into, we wouldn't be able to keep it. Between all of the DIY Dog Beds scattered in each room for our kids and the DIY Indoor Dog House, our floor space is limited.

Later that evening, while sitting around the fire with some of our neighborhood family, I jokingly used it as a drum. As the night rolled on, the topic of this piece came up. I expressed that I had no idea what to repurpose this into.

Someone suggested making a pet bed.

My eyes widened. The proverbial light bulb that swings above my head lit up.


That's exactly what I did.

I painted the round piece of wood. I left the whiskey barrel untouched. It was gorgeous as is.

I made a DIY pet mattress for the top and secured it with velcro so it wouldn't slip. I also whipped up a fleece blanket and ruffly pillow.

Earlier today, I reposted the "before" picture to let people know the finished product would be posted soon and it would be up for grabs.

I put the final touches on the DIY Pet Bed and took measurements.

That's when the swinging light bulb lingering over my head went off again.

This piece is heavy.

Very. Very. Heavy.

And sturdy.

It also measured in at 22 inches.

We have a couple of Plus Sized kitty fur-nieces.

I sent Lisa a text.

I posted the finished product.

After 15 minutes, I marked it as SOLD.

It didn't actually sell.

We decided to gift it to our 2 Plus Sized kitty fur-nieces.

For the longest time, I've been wanting to make them a custom kitty bed. But, we haven't found pieces that were big or sturdy enough.

This. Piece. Was.

To Quinn and Abby...Aunties Love You, Sweet Baby Girls!

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