Friday, September 14, 2018

I'm Thinking About Taking A Few Days Off To Tackle My Non-Work Bodacious To-Do List

I often make mention of my infamous To-Do List. Actually, it's officially called my Bodacious To-Do List. I probably should insert "Dog Mom" in there somewhere, but that's for another day. At the beginning of the year, the Bodacious To-Do List was a single list. It contained both work stuff and non-work stuff. Since tackling our Big Bodacious Painting Project back in May, the Bodacious To-Do List expanded. It's now two lists.

The first Bodacious To-Do List is all work stuff that needs to be done and reminders. Sometimes I include blog column ideas and homemade dog treat recipe ideas.

The second Bodacious To-Do List is all stuff that has nothing to do with work. It's all stuff that I need to get done around the house. Fall cleaning. Iron home office and kitchen curtains. Hem kitchen curtains. Bring in all of the houseplants. Etc.

When either list gets too long, I feel overwhelmed. It usually leads to having a week that ends as it did today. Even though I got a considerable amount of work done this week, I feel unaccomplished.

That feeling extends throughout the weekend. And, once again, even though I get a lot done over the weekend, I feel unaccomplished. When Monday rolls along, I feel the weight of what I didn't get done the week prior and over the weekend. The list/s get longer. And longer. And longer.

It's a vicious and repetitive cycle.

As of now, it's the non-work Bodacious To-Do List that's creating this dark and heavy cloud above my head.

I need to do something about that. It's weighing me down.

I talked about this with Lisa tonight over dinner. We sat at the kitchen table and dined on homemade pizza while playing Backgammon.

My new favorite game. 

Lisa suggested I take a few days off from work stuff next week and dedicate those days entirely to the other stuff I need and want to do.

It's a great idea.

I told her I could get everything done in two days.

"No. Take three. That way you can do things at your own pace, take breaks, relax a bit, and do a couple of things you want to do. You just mentioned last week that you wanted to finish crocheting the scarf you started almost two years ago."

Gasp! Had it been almost two years already? 

I'm going to think about it.

Now would be the ideal time to take a few days off from work stuff. Our busiest time of year is right around the corner. I just sold out of the 2018 Bodacious Fall pieces. In a couple of weeks, I'll begin the process of creating Holiday DIY Dog Mom Projects.

Clearing the entire non-work Bodacious To-Do List would lift that heavy, black cloud. I would no longer feel overwhelmed. I could start off our busiest time of year with ease.


This may just happen.

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