Saturday, September 29, 2018

I'm Fairly Certain This Won't Be Our Last Trip To The Orchard

I don't like to rush time. I'm not one to say, "I can't wait for Fall" or "I can't wait until the holiday season." But, I will admit, without shame, that I'm not heartbroken Summer is done and over with. We had a lot of heatwaves. The humidity was miserable. At certain intervals, we had to limit outdoor activities with the kids. It. Was. Just. Too. Hot.

To celebrate the beginning of the Fall season, we took a scenic ride to our favorite orchard. We don't normally go this early, but we were in the mood to make our annual visit.

The first thing we grabbed was a dozen homemade sugared cider doughnuts. They were still hot when they handed the bag to us. Lisa and I each ate a doughnut before doing our shopping.

Best. Doughnuts. Ever. 

We bought sugar pumpkins for each of the kids to display with our larger pumpkins, butternut squash, lots of freshly picked apples, and homemade blackberry jam.

Usually, we pick our own apples, but I still wasn't feeling up to par after being sick all last week. My energy level, especially after going out last night, was depleted.

The kids were very happy with their sugar pumpkins. Like last year, Willa tried to eat hers. We told her no. After that, she was content with just licking it. Coco, Sophie, and Lobo sniffed their pumpkins. Once their curiosity faded, they walked away.

They all rushed back to us when we broke out the doughnuts. 

I'm sure we'll be making a second trip to the orchard because we went so early this year. I do a lot of baking with apples this time of year and the jar of homemade blackberry jam never lasts long.

And, I'm guessing that another round of the best homemade sugared cider doughnuts will be heading home with us too.

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