Friday, September 28, 2018

According To Our Kids, We Were Very Naughty Dog Moms

I had rather big plans for this past week. I took the "week off" to tackle my non-work stuff Bodacious Dog Mom To-Do List. Unfortunately, I was hit with a bout of strep along with a sinus and ear infection. Despite my efforts to get through the week as planned, that didn't happen. Not even close. By Wednesday, I canceled the special Girl's Night we had planned for Saturday and admitted defeat. My Bodacious Dog Mom To-Do List would not get done this week.

Next week, yes. 

Lisa took today off. She's been feeling rundown as of late. After a good night's slumber last evening and being able to sleep in this morning, she felt rejuvenated.

Lisa ran a few errands this morning and then tackled the yard work and mowing the lawn. I worked on blog columns and other work stuff at the kitchen table.

Although I'm on the mend, I am still not up to par. However, I was feeling more productive than I have all week.

Towards late afternoon, I was feeling a bit restless. 

It was right around this time that I remembered a promise I had made Lisa last month before her birthday.

To back up a bit...

We have a nearby secret destination that we go to only once a year for a special date night out right around Lisa's birthday. Last year, we were unable to go because Lisa had been reinfected with Lyme Disease and also tested positive for Mono.

We postponed our once a year special date night for the following month, but life got busy and then it was the holiday season.

This year, several months before her birthday, Lisa brought up our special date night. We made plans to go, but stuff came up. Towards the end of August, I promised Lisa that we'd go at some point during the month of September.

With only 2 days left of September, I knew that tonight was the night. 

When Lisa was done mowing the lawn, she grabbed a drink and sat at the kitchen table with me.

"So. How about we take off in an hour."

Lisa looked at me inquisitively.

"To where? You're still not feeling all that well."

"To the place I promised to take you this month."

Her eyes widened.

"Are you serious?"


"But, you're still sick."

"I know, but I'm feeling a little bit better than I did yesterday. I'll take some DayQuil and Ibuprofen before we leave. We'll take our time. I'll be fine. Getting out of the house will do me some good."


"We're seriously going?"

"Yeah. So, get excited. Take a shower. Take the kids out. Feed them dinner. I'll let K know we're stepping out for a few."

Lisa's face lit up.

A little over an hour later, we were off.

I walked a bit slower and tired easily. To be expected. But, that didn't stop us from having an absolute blast.

And, I'll have to admit, I was radiating with pride. There are only 2 days remaining for the month of September. Despite being sick, I was able to fulfill the promise I made to Lisa.

She was beyond overjoyed.

Tonight was much needed.

Granted, the kids weren't too happy that they were left home alone for a few hours, but...

When you're a Mom whether to human or furry kids, you need a little time away.

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