Sunday, September 30, 2018

Today, We Were Overwhelmed With Gratitude

A couple of our neighborhood family members travel throughout the year. Lisa and I are the ones they rely on to house and pet sit. They live across the street so it's super easy to take care of their house and our fur-nieces. We always love the extra time with our fur-nieces and of course, they loved being spoiled by their Auntie Lisa's.

On Friday, they left for Vermont. They returned today early this evening. As with every trip they take, shortly after they get back, they like to touch base. And, they always bring back treats for us. Although we love and appreciate all the treats and treasures they've brought home from various states, the bag of goodies they bought for us from Vermont was extra special.

Lisa and I were both born and raised in New Hampshire. Growing up, we both remember taking scenic trips to the neighboring state of Vermont. We'd always return with real maple syrup and cheese. This continued into our adulthood. When Lisa and I first met over 2 decades ago, we'd take off for the day to Vermont and return home with the same native treats.

When Lisa returned home after touching base, I was in the home office catching up on some blog stuff. She called me into the kitchen.

Lisa was holding a large bag. I recognized the name on the bag. It was from a popular sugarhouse in Vermont.

My eyes widened as she pulled the goodies out of the bag. Real maple syrup. Fresh cheddar cheese from the Cabot Creamery. Cotton candy and kettle corn made from real maple syrup. I was a bit speechless and a bit choked up.

They knew that Vermont was one of our old stomping grounds as kids and adults. They wanted to treat us to a taste of home.

We were beyond grateful for all of the treats. 

Later in the day, another neighborhood family member sent a text to let us know she was making a double batch of her Eggroll in a Bowl. She was going to deliver a batch to us for dinner.

Total. Happy. Dance. 

I've only heard of Eggroll in a Bowl through my social media streams and on Pinterest. I've been wanting to try it, but I've never made it.

Tonight was the night.

Our sweet SoulSista brought down a big pot of Eggroll in a Bowl. Lisa was outside finishing up some yard work.  I tried it. As our SoulSista and I were chatting, I ate 3 spoonfuls.

Lisa and I both loved Eggroll in a Bowl. We each had a second helping. After dinner, Lisa turned down my gourmet ham sandwich for her lunch tomorrow and claimed the leftovers.

We were beyond grateful for such a delicious meal.

After dinner, Lisa took the kids out. I cleaned the kitchen. I was overwhelmed with gratitude. Not a day goes by that we don't thank our lucky stars for our neighbors who have become family. But sometimes, like today, we're even more grateful.

Thank you to our neighborhood family who gave us the gift of what we grew up on and for providing a delicious dinner.

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