Tuesday, May 15, 2018

We're Taking Our Big Bodacious Painting Project One Day At A Time

Yesterday, we finished painting the home office and started the living room. As of now, the living room is done. Prior to putting both of the rooms back together, we completed Spring Cleaning, washed the curtains, cleaned the carpets, and washed and dried all of the throw blankets, sofa cover, and doggy bed blankets. At one point, we had that pivotal moment when we sat on the sofa with the kids and admired our 2 completed rooms that were back to "our normal."

That didn't last long. 

At some point during the past few days of Our Big Bodacious Painting Project, we decided to switch our bedroom with the DIY Dog Mom Project (formerly "biscuit") room. What that entailed was utilizing our home office in the process of gutting out both rooms.

Once again, our home was in complete disarray, but that was beyond our control.

A good portion of the planning behind Our Big Bodacious Painting Project was figuring out what rooms to conquer first, where to put everything as each room was gutted out, and how to keep a sense of normality flowing for our kids.

To extend on our planning process, we also had to establish a schedule of sorts. Despite our efforts to keep things as normal as possible for the kids, certain things were unavoidable. We knew our kids would experience a certain amount of stress.

Coco does not like it when we move furniture, especially our bed.

Sophie panics when a room is congested with stuff that isn't supposed to be there.

Lobo doesn't like change or when things are moved even if it's for a short period of time.

Willa, well we weren't sure how she would react because since she joined our family in March of 2017, we haven't moved furniture or tackled a major household project.

We've learned that she does not like it. At all.

So far, we've stuck to our plans while keeping our kid's sensitivities as the number one priority. They're still not happy. They're a bit stressed out. We're taking frequent breaks for lots of extra play and snuggle time, treats, and belly rubs.

While eating dinner this evening, Lisa and I got a few chuckles in after reminiscing about the original plans for Our Big Bodacious Painting Project. This was before my plans to get most everything done the week prior.

And, before I got really sick the week prior to the week prior.

We were all gung-ho that every inch of our home would be painted within a few days and we'd be able to enjoy a few days of fun.

And, we even dared to bring up last year in April when we had originally planned on completing our Big Bodacious Painting Project.

More laughs.

It didn't exactly work out as planned.

But, that's okay.

We're taking Our Big Bodacious Painting Project one day at a time.

Sometimes, an hour at a time.

Either way, we've got this. We'll manage.

That's just how we roll.

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