Monday, May 14, 2018

It's Magnificent To See Color On Our Walls!

Originally, my plans were to get most of Our Big Bodacious Painting Project done last week so Lisa could enjoy the second half of her week-long vacation. But, I was very sick. I spent most of last week on the sofa. On Saturday, we prepped our home office for painting. We didn't get much done because we had made important plans for that day. On Mother's Day, we cracked open some paint cans and officially began Our Big Bodacious Painting Project.

Today, we finished up the home office and started in the living room. Amid getting the painting done, Lisa tackled the yard work and mowed the lawn during the early evening hours. She had just mowed it on the 5th, but over the past week, between rain and hot and humid weather, it grew a lot.

That is one chore Lisa didn't want to contend with later in the week during Our Big Bodacious Painting Project.

Our high point today was marveling at the color in the home office and living room.

For almost 6 years, we've lived with the ceiling, trim, and walls being the same dingy, drab color. On top of that, it's probably the cheapest paint available. Every imperfection, splatter, and light scrape radiates. For the first few years, we took care of those with Magic Erasers, but after that, it became useless.

Tonight, I found myself looking into the home office at least every five minutes because the walls and trim had color!

It was magnificent!

It's getting us excited about getting the rest of our home done.

I'll keep you posted.

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