Thursday, May 31, 2018

I Guess I'll Be Picking Up The Pile Of Dirty Laundry Later...

As a Work at Home Dog Mom, I've published numerous blog columns about the daily challenges I face. There are many. Noises that are loud enough to cause lengthy distractions. Lisa's schedule. Unforeseen circumstances. Misconceptions that all I do in a days time is "arts & crafts" while noshing on bonbons. Having to revise my schedule 231 times a week. The unexpected. Etc.

Today, while doing housework, I realized that intertwined with all of the big challenges, there are little ones. While these distractions do put a tiny dent in what I'm doing, they're often entertaining and photo worthy.

Our kids. 

I had already put the final touches on the new DIY Dog Mom Project room. Vacuumed. Dusted. Washed dishes. Wiped down the kitchen. Swept the kitchen floor. The only thing left was to pick up the dirty laundry in the bathroom and put it in the laundry basket.

That's when I discovered Lobo curled up on the pile of dirty laundry.

Total. Cuteness. Overload.

I snapped a few photos.

Lobo didn't budge.

"Dude. Mommy needs to pick up the dirty laundry."

He just looked at me.

"You're not going to move, are you?"

At that point, he repositioned himself into a tighter curled up ball of fluffy love, put his head down and closed his eyes. In human language that translated to, "I decided to take my afternoon nap on the pile of dirty laundry. You'll have to pick it up later."

That's exactly what I did. Two hours later.

I continued with my day, but that single moment made me think. How many times in a day do I slightly alter what I'm doing because of the kids?

A lot.

I have put off vacuuming because some of the kids were napping on the sofa and I knew the vacuum would get them all wound up.

I've delayed mopping the kitchen floor because our kids were curled up on the kitchen doggy bed sleeping and I didn't want to disturb them.

I have worked from the sofa longer than I had planned because all of the kids were on the sofa with me. Sleeping. If I moved, they'd wake up.

I have greatly extended playtime and snuggle time because the needs and wants of our kids fluctuate from day to day.

When a thunderstorm hits, I immediately stop what I'm doing and either recline on the sofa or lay on the bed. Our kids don't like storms. They all snuggle up to me.

I have shifted the chore of cleaning the bedroom until after Lisa gets home because the kids go nuts when I break out the Swiffer duster and our vacuum.

I have lingered at my desk or at the kitchen table longer because Willa requires 321 games of fetch per day.

Lisa has waited for over an hour to fold laundry because Sophie loves to curl up in a laundry basket of clothes fresh out of the dryer. 

The. List. Goes. On.

I relish these moments.

Sure, I have to make minor adjustments to my daily schedule, but I wouldn't change a thing.

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