Wednesday, May 30, 2018

I'm Turning An Insult Into The Title Of My Book

For MANY years, 'The Militant Baker' has been my favorite blog. The author, Jes Baker, is a beautiful and talented woman who focuses on positive self-image, body sensitivity, self-love, and everything nestled between. She has written books. Her blog posts are my go-to spot when I'm feeling shlumpy and I need a good ol' dose of confidence. I can't even begin to tell you how many times her words have lifted me up when I've been in the trenches of self-doubt and lacking confidence.

Recently, Jes Baker published a book titled 'Landwhale.' The title of this book holds a great deal of significance. Long story short, while Jes Baker was touring and guest speaking in France, internet trolls called her a landwhale. Instead of harboring hatred and anger towards these internet trolls and critics, she decided to turn the insult into a nickname. Shortly after, it became the title of her recent book.

You can read details about that here

As most of you know, or maybe don't know, I've been working on writing a book for well over a year.

Well, actually two books but one is a homemade dog treat recipe book and has nothing to do with the big book I'm working on.

Throughout this time, I've been trying to come up with a title for the big book.

Also, throughout this time, and beyond, since starting this blog site, I've been called a lot of derogatory names. Mean. Fat. Crazy. Weird. Old fashioned. Ugly. Schlumpy. Lazy. Stupid. Useless. Insensitive. Irresponsible. Moley. Strict. Old school.

The list goes on...

In January, someone doled out an insult that has stuck with me.

When I read about Jes Baker's decision to title her recently published book 'Landwhale' and the reasons behind it, I was inspired.

The January insult that I received pretty much sums everything up.

I had a choice.

To be insulted or to not be insulted.

I chose to not be insulted.

Instead, I'm going to own it. I'm going to wrap my arms around it like there is no tomorrow. And, it's going to be the title of my book.

I'm not letting the title out of the bag just yet.

But I will soon...

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