Tuesday, April 10, 2018

I Always Get THE LOOK From Our Kids When I Let Them Know It's Pedicure Day

We groom and bathe all of our kids. Every other month, we dedicate a weekend afternoon for Spa Day. Lobo gets a trim with the pet clippers from head to his 3 paws. Sophie's fur gets trimmed on top of her back and paws. Willa gets a little trim because her fur is thick around her neck. Coco doesn't require any type of fur trim. When all of that is done, they all get a warm bubble bath with a moisturizing shampoo.

At one time, their Spa Day included a nail trim. However, a year and a half ago, I accidentally grazed one of Coco's quicks. He jerked his leg suddenly as I snipped. It bled. A lot.

Thankfully, we had Kwik Stop Styptic Powder on hand. It's the same stuff they use at veterinary hospitals and clinics. It stops the bleeding immediately.

Since then, I've been apprehensive about trimming our kid's nails. Coco has all black nails. Sophie's are curled because of her breed. Lobo's are mostly clear-ish, but he squirms too much. Willa has a mix of clear-ish and black.

We made the decision to take our kids to the doctors every other month for a nail trim. The vet techs at our veterinary hospital of choice are awesome. Our kids know them. They're a heck of a lot more experienced than we are.

It's worth every penny. 

We finally got into a routine of sorts based on the length of their nails. Instead of making 4 trips at separate times, we make 2. Coco and Willa go at the same time during one month. Sophie and Lobo are scheduled at the same time during the following month.

Today, it was Coco and Willa's turn. I let them know that their other Mommy was going to take them to get pedicures today.

That's when I got THE LOOK.

They. Know. 

None of our kids are very thrilled about going to the doctors. They have no qualms about letting us, and everyone else, know about it.

Coco will bark and snarl a bit when it's his turn to be taken into the room for a nail trim. His favorite vet tech, Carly, has known him for almost 6 years. She doesn't fall for the tough guy show that he puts on. Carly and Coco go a long way back. They adore each other. The staff is so great with him.

Sophie walks in, looks around, and then takes a massive shit on the floor. Every. Single. Time. It doesn't matter how many times we've taken her out before visiting the doctor for a nail trim. But, the staff rushes over to clean up the mess with a smile on their face. Not once have they been irritated with cleaning her mess. Instead, they sympathize with how frightened she is and is so gentle with her.

Lobo walks in like he owns the place. He's very loud. The staff all know him. There is a standing joke. They ask if he forgot his other leg at home. We ask if there is a discount because they only have to trim the nails of 3 paws...not 4. He loves it there. He dishes it out. So do they. It's always good for a few laughs.

When we bring Willa in, there is one staff member that gets on the floor with her. They have a special bond. Willa is friendly with everyone, but she shakes when it's time to head into the exam room for her nail trim. She doesn't like to be too far away from either of us. The staff is so great with her too.

Despite the phanomenal staff and how incredibly gentle, understanding, and loving they are with our kids, I still get THE LOOK, when I mention that it's pedicure time a few hours prior to their appointment.



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