Wednesday, April 11, 2018

All Of Our Kids Have Their 2 Mommies Wrapped Around Their Paws

On occasion, we house and pet sit for our neighbor friends while they're away for a day to anywhere up to or beyond a couple of weeks. This is a service we provide only our close neighbor friends. Today, a couple of our neighbor friends left for a week's vacation across the country.

We've been house and pet sitting for them for about 5 years now. We've nailed down a routine that works. We upkeep their home and spend lots of time with our fur-nieces beginning shortly before Lisa heads to work and shortly before she and our kids go to bed.

During the afternoon, while Lisa is at work, I go over during the early afternoon hours. They get their outside time, snacks, and snuggles.

Snuggle time involves me sitting on the sofa while 2 of our fur-nieces jumps up and curls up against each of my legs. I give them a belly rub, lots of kisses, and we chat for a bit. I know they're ready for an afternoon nap when they simmer down and their eyes get droopy.

At that point, I get up, give them another snack, wait for them to get a drink of water, and wait until they find their nap-spot-of-choice.

Our afternoon routine takes about a half hour.

When I walk back home, from point A to point B, I wipe as much fur off my clothes as I can because I know what's going to happen when I step foot back into our home.

The kids will bark as they run to greet me at the door.

Coco will bark.

Sophie gives me THE LOOK.

Lobo barks.

Will gets the zoomies.

They all KNOW that I just spent the last half hour with our fur-nieces.

At this point, I grab a few treats even if it's an hour or two away from their snack time. Plop down on our bed.

It takes them a few minutes to sniff me from head to toe.

The kids eventually line up and sit.

I dole out their treats.

At this point, I'm slightly convinced I will be forgiven. None of them give me any warning that they'll be post-treat consequences.

But. There. Are. Consequences. To. Follow.

They all still give me THE LOOK.

It doesn't matter what room I'm in or what I'm doing. I can feel the weight of their stares.

Willa makes sure that she has one of her favorite fetch toys right there.

"I know what you did this afternoon, Mommy. Now, you need to incorporate at least 36 additional games of fetch into your day."

Lobo just gives me a look of discontent.

Coco refuses to pose for any photos during the remainder of the week. And, the next time I snuggle with him, he makes sure to fart in my face.

Sophie gets schlumpy as if she's auditioning for a spot on Sarah McLachlan's 'Angel' ASPCA End Animal Cruelty Campaign.

Eventually, all of the kids adhere to this same "Sarah McLachlan's 'Angel' ASPCA End Animal Cruelty Campaign" schlumpiness. 

At the end of the day, I revert back to what I've always done.

I stand there with my hands on my hips.

"Really, kids? Mommy and I haven't had a vacation or weekend getaway in years. We don't leave the house together for more than a few hours at a time. Our date nights are now spent at home. You have 213 toys scattered on the floors throughout your home. There are 31 throw blankets at your disposal. Your meals and treats are homemade. We have family snuggle time every single night. We've built you DIY doggy beds and a DIY indoor dog house.

The list goes on...and on...and on.

MUST you treat me this way when we spend time with our fur-nieces while their parents are gone on vacation? 

How would you like it if Mommy and I left for a weekend or a week or for over 2 weeks?"

They still give me THE LOOK.

And I always break out the extra homemade snacks.


All of our kids have their 2 Mommies wrapped around their paws.

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