Monday, April 9, 2018

Another Spontaneous Afternoon That Included Wine, Munchies, And Socializing

I had a couple of afternoon wine and munchie dates the last week of March. One was planned. The other wasn't. This isn't something I typically do. In fact, up until that week, since moving into our home in July of 2012, I can count on one hand how many times I've had people visit in the afternoon while Lisa was at work. During that week, I learned a thing or two and it inspired me to slowly open myself up to allowing a few spontaneous moments here and there. And, to socialize face to face a bit more.

It happened again today. Twice. Once planned. The other not.

I received a message this morning from a couple of wonderful people who wanted to purchase a doggy toy box I made and posted last week.

Would it be possible for them to pick it up late morning?

My first reaction was to say no. Lisa is the one who handles the deliveries and pick-ups. But. I decided to step out of my daily grind box.

I. Said. Yes.

I fixed my hair. Changed out of my lounge pants. Put on a pair of earrings. Coated my lips with my favorite lip gloss.

I. Felt. Human.

While waiting for their arrival, I worked on a few custom DIY Dog Mom Projects that I'll be shipping out next weekend.

I'll admit, I was a little nervous.

That didn't last long.

Their visit lasted for about a half hour. We talked about their travels, Amish country, cheese curds, and our furry kids.

I fed both of their furry kids a homemade treat and held one of them.

After they left, I sat at the table and continued to work on the custom DIY Dog Mom Projects. Less than an hour later, my planned visitor knocked on the door.

She showed up with a delicious bottle of wine, munchies, and apples with caramel. We sat at the table and talked about life, currents trials and tribulations, and life beyond my Work at Home Dog Mom world.

I needed today.

I didn't get as much work done as I wanted to, but I'm okay with that.

I'm learning that I need these occasional afternoons when I step out of my Work-At-Home-Dog-Mom-Norm.


I'm more than just a Work at Home Dog Mom.

I'm a wife.




I'm kind of fun once I let my guard down with you.

I have interests and hobbies and a brain that never stops spinning like a hamster wheel.

Yes, my life as a Dog Mom and wife come first.

But, on occasion, I have time for the other stuff like this afternoon.

And even when I think I don't have that time, I need to make the time.

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