Sunday, April 8, 2018

Random Rant - Clean Up After Your Furry Kids. Please.

Not too long ago, we visited a pet supply store. The first thing I noticed when walking up and down the aisles was the amount of fresh and dried urine on the floor. It was an eyesore. We spent almost a half hour in the store. I counted at least a half dozen fresh and dried piddle spots.

A lot of people's knee-jerk reaction would have been to criticize the store employees. However, my first reaction was disgust towards the Pet Parents who left puddles of piddle. It's not up to the store employees to clean up after your furry kids.

This is one of my biggest Pet Parent Pet Peeves. And, it extends beyond retail locations that allow furry kids.

As a Pet Parents, it's your responsibility to clean up after your furry kid.

Also, as a Pet Parent, when your furry kid/s joins you on a shopping trip or for a walk, it's your responsibility to make sure you've got supplies on you to take care of the messes. There's an endless supply of convenient accessories and such to keep in your vehicle, purse, pockets, and to attach on leashes.

There is no excuse for leaving home without a means to clean up after your furry kid/s.

If you're also the parent of a human kid, think back to when they were a baby and toddler. Did you leave the house without diapers and wipes or an extra change of clothes?

No. You didn't.

So, as a Pet Parent, why are you leaving the house with your furry kid/s without the essentials like poopie bags and paper towels? And, why are you expecting other people to clean up after your furry kid/s?

If you're in a pet-friendly retail location and your pup piddles on the floor, wipe it up. Or, at the very least, ask an employee for paper towels. They always have those on hand.

When you're taking your furry kid for a walk and they decide to drop a load on the sidewalk or someone's lawn, pick it up.

It's that simple.

Just. Do. It.

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