Saturday, March 24, 2018

Our Bodacious DIY Dog Mom Projects Facebook Page Is Coming Soon!

My goal is to create at least a dozen DIY Dog Mom Projects every week. On April 14th, we're participating in the Ledyard Animal Control Appreciation Day as a vendor. We will have a full display of our DIY Dog Mom Projects. In addition to that, I'm planning on creating a Bodacious DIY Dog Mom Projects Facebook page. This page will feature all the cool stuff we make that's for sale.

I've been wanting to have a centralized location for all of the pieces we make from the dog themed wood decor and DIY dog toy boxes to the doggy patchwork quilts and repurposed items. Of course, in the months ahead we'll be expanding our selection of DIY Dog Mom Projects. And, we'll be offering custom orders. We've already made a few of those over the past year. The interest in custom-made is increasing.

We have some ideas up our sleeves.

Right now, I use our Bodacious Biscuit Love and Our Bodacious Dog Mom Life Facebook page. Once in a while, I'll post items on my personal Facebook wall. So far, I've had a lot of success doing this, but it can get a bit hectic. If 2 people are interested in the same item and each leaves an "I want it" on separate pages, I have to determine who grabbed it first. Having a Bodacious DIY Dog Mom Projects Facebook page will alleviate that problem.

I'm excited about creating a new Facebook page, however, for both the event and the Facebook page, I need to have enough DIY Dog Mom Projects to post and sell. Once that happens, it'll just be a matter of creating a dozen or so pieces to post throughout each week.

Our kitchen table will more than likely be covered with DIY Dog Mom Projects at all times. I've long since given up on washing the paint off the table. When we occasionally have dinner guests, I tell them it's an art deco table.

That's been a great conversation maker...

I'll keep everyone posted on the progress of our Bodacious DIY Dog Mom Projects Facebook page! Stay tuned...

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