Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Happy 3 Year Gotcha Day, Lobo!

Three years ago, Lobo was transported to our home as a rescued foster pup. It was the day after he endured major surgery to remove his hind leg. Lobo was underweight, covered in scabs, had very little fur from the neck down, was Lyme positive, and he didn't have full mobility on his remaining hind leg due to an untreated injury. The scar from that was noticeable on his furless hind leg.

About two weeks later, and well on the road to recovery, Lobo had his sutures removed. The ACO at the time had mentioned that he was almost ready to be adopted. The process would start soon. That weighed heavy on both of us. From day one, Coco and Sophie bonded with Lobo. So did we. He had instantly become part of our family.

The following evening, we sent the text. Lobo wasn't going anywhere. This was his fur-ever home. He was meant to be part of our family. The ACO got teary eyed. Lisa got teary eyed. I cried like a baby. Happy tears all the way around.

Today, Lobo is a happy boy! He still can't go up and down stairs or the ramp we built him, but that doesn't stop him from enjoying life. He plays with his siblings and can zoom around the yard or house. His single leg tires easily, but after a short rest, he's back at 'em.

We are truly grateful for that moment three years ago. And, we're even more grateful that he chose us to be his Moms.

Happy 3 Year Gotcha Day, Lobo!

Yes, these are the cupcakes I made for Lobo's Gotcha Day dessert. It's what he wanted. Fresh apple cupcakes with my vanilla cinnamon infused buttercream frosting.

I'll post the recipe soon!

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