Wednesday, January 3, 2018

A Major Winter Storm Is Going To Hit Tomorrow And They Mentioned The Word Bombogenesis

Last month, on December 9th, I dedicated my birthday to spreading holiday love and cheer. On that day, we hosted a holiday party with a guest list of about 22. The week prior, there was the talk of an Atlantic storm brewing. As it got closer to December 9th, they predicted "just a few flurries." However, a few days before the party, that changed. The storm track moved closer to the coast. The prediction of flurries upgraded to inches of snow. Then, they announced it would be a significant winter storm. They named the storm Ali. We got slammed. The only guests to show up were our neighbor friends who walked here.

The same thing happened this week. There was the talk of a monster storm forming in the Atlantic. The track was uncertain. What was certain is the size and power of the storm. It was huge. They used words like "bomb cyclone" and "bombogenesis."

Wait? What? Bombogenesis?!

The last time I heard that term used was back in October when a Bombogenesis occurred and knocked out power for almost 2 days in our area. Some areas were without power for almost a week. It was the worst windstorm I had ever experienced. You can read about that here and here.

When that term crossed my radar yesterday and today, I panicked. In addition to the snowfall totals increasing, the threat of high winds, and the likelihood of losing power, another arctic blast was going to creep in towards the end of the storm. It's supposed to be worse than the last. They mentioned the temps with the wind would be 10-30 BELOW zero. The wind is supposed to continue through Friday.

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Losing power when it's that cold is a beyond scary thought for so many reasons. I wasn't messing around. We have 5 kids (4 rescue pups and a guinea pig). 

All of my DIY Dog Mom Project plans, creating a new, homemade dog treat recipe, and catching up on some social media stuff came to halt. My focus was on one thing. Keeping our family safe and provided for and warm if we were to lose power for any significant amount of time.

That's what I did today.

I made sure I cooked enough lean meat, rice, and vegetables for our kid's meals to last a few days. I prepped egg and chicken salad for sandwiches. I baked a coffee cake for Lisa and our kid's favorite homemade dog treats. Lisa made sure our propane tank was filled just in case we needed to use the grill. She also grabbed the extra blankets from the closet and made sure the flashlights and lantern were filled with fresh batteries.

She did all of that after she got home close to 8 p.m. from work.

Between the 2 of us, we are prepared for this monster of a winter storm. We're keeping our fingers and paws crossed that we don't lose power.

Inhale slowly...


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