Tuesday, December 12, 2017

This Is What 2,100 Homemade Dog Biscuits Looks Like

I started baking our Bodacious Holiday Biscuits on Sunday morning. Originally, I wanted to take Sunday off from the kitchen, but after calculating how many holiday biscuits needed to be baked, that blissful plan crumbled. Between Sunday, Monday and today, we baked a total of 2,100 biscuits. It took us 22 hours. I took this photo earlier today. The photo doesn't do justice. And, there are 6 more trays piled high with Bodacious Holiday Biscuits on the card table in the middle of our biscuit room.

The biscuits will sit until Thursday. They need that amount of time to fully harden. Although we bake the dog biscuits on 375 for 20 minutes, it's not enough bake time to reach crunchy status. If we were to bake them until they were crunchy, they'd be too well done.

Tomorrow, I have a work deadline and will be wrapping up a 6-week project for a client. I'll be in the home office, at my desk for most of the day.

On Thursday, I'll bag the biscuits and put a festive holiday ribbon on each bag. Those who are picking up their biscuits will have between noon and 6 p.m. on Friday to do so. On Saturday, we'll be making a trip to the post office to ship a few orders along with a few Bodacious Holiday Care Packages.

We'll have quite a few bags left over to restock our display, have on hand for pet parents in need, and to give as gifts.

We're almost there!

It's our busiest week out of the year.

The holiday biscuit baking is done.

Done. Done. Done.


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